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Los Angeles based, modern day troubadour with soul, wit, and a philosophical bent, Rob Faucette weaves together Americana, folk, garage, alt-country and more for a sound that's as comfortable as your favorite old t-shirt and as interesting and welcome as the voice of your very best friend.

Rob Faucette and the C Words (Country's Not a Dirty Word!) met while Rob was recording Damn Old Heart in 2015. Primarily comprised of Dan Levy on drums and a rotating roster of bass players, Rob Faucette and the C Words entertain dancers and listeners alike with their all original music reminiscent of Roger Miller, Hank Williams, Cash, Dylan, and Prine all rolled into one for some clean family fun that's equally at home at a neighborhood bar-b-que or the late night bar scene.

Originally from Chattanooga, TN, Rob attended college in Vermont where he studied art and writing, and bounced up and down the eastern seaboard for a decade or more, painting and living on egg rolls and tacos. He began writing songs and playing guitar while the paint dried on the canvas, with the aid of a Woody Guthrie box set and a bluegrass song book. Traveling west to California in order to pursue a career in the arts, he realized that his passion and desire for storytelling was best suited in song form.

As with life, Rob's songs are a mixture of humor and heartbreak, often offered up at the same time. He's an avid reader with stacks of books by his bed, which annoys his wife, but he takes comfort in being surrounded by towers of books that "will probably kill me when the big one hits."

Performing regularly in and around Los Angeles as well as the southeast, Rob has been self-recording and releasing songs and albums since he began writing, and has, in recent years, built up a small studio. Previously, Rob self-released and distributed music on cassette, CD, and the internet under both his own name and as Amy Radio (slang for the A.M. dial) for more than 15 years. The latter was as an LA Weekly "Five Artsy Things" pick for the 2012 "radio on the telephone project" InPhone-Tainment.

Songs from the heart...Sung from the gut.